Sanctuary for Healing and Integration - Integrative Psychiatry and Mental Health
SHIN is a group of dedicated, creative and persistent professionals trained and experienced in the care of the acutely distressed and the chronically ill, especially those who have lost perspective, hope, or connection with their authenticity.  We come from diverse cultural, ethnic, religious, academic, and clinical backgrounds but have come together in confluence and collaboration with the same essential purpose:  to give back, in gratitude for what we have received in our own lives.
"Mental illness" is redefined as a human condition inherent in just being alive and the struggle to navigate through the maze of human emotions, thinking patterns, and resultant automatic behaviors that confound Truth.  Truth is what is here, now, our life.  In this sense, "mental illness" is our inability to make peace with ourselves and others, resulting in isolation and despair, only because we have unwittingly and unquestioningly held on to beliefs and behavior patterns which no longer serve their true purpose:  to lessen suffering in every being.  The recognition and acceptance of the Truth of Suffering open our eyes and our heart-minds ("shin") to our own humanity, the fragility and preciousness of our existence, so we can be more honest, kind, purposeful, and responsible.
We all wish to be happy.  We all wish to be peaceful.  We all wish to be loved and accepted, and be capable of offering the same to others.
These are our wishes, and intentions, for you.

Our services include:
            *  Comprehensive psychiatric evaluations for all ages
            *  Psychopharmacotherapy for all ages
            *  Individual, family, and couples psychotherapy for all ages
            *  Mindfulness and meditation training
            *  Energy and transformational healing
            *  Shamanic and karmic healing
            *  Bodywork
            *  Nutritional and herbal counseling and supplementation
            *  Lifestyle coaching
            *  Martial arts
            *  Self-help classes and workshops
            *  Wellness and mindfulness retreats and workshops
We accept most insurance, but for those without, open to negotiation for what is mutually equitable.

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